Yellow neon Golden Back Shrimp

Yellow neon golden back shrimp

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1 x Yellow neon shrimp (neocaridina davidi var yellow)

The yellow shrimp has become a hobbyst favorite as it is one of the freshwater invertebates species to display a bright yellow coloration. Yellow shrimp are a selectively bred variant of the wild Red Cherry shrimp. These shrimp often come with gold stripe. Young shrimps are often missing the intense colouration of fully grown shrimp.

These are ideal to help you to clean your tank of uneaten food and algae.

Tiger shrimp are easy to keep.

All the shrimps for sale are from our tanks  selectively breeding in the UK, NOT IMPORT.

You will receive them of different size (1-1,5 cm) and mixed male and females.


Aquarium size : Minimum 12-14l


Water parameters:

ph 6.0- 8.0

gh 4 – 10

kh 0- 10

TDS 100-300

Temperature 16 – 26

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These shrimp will be shipped in a breather bag in a Styrofoam lined box.


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