Weeping Moss Live aquarium plant 10 g

10 g Weeping moss

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Weeping Moss – Vesicularia ferriei

10 G weeping moss. All plants are from my shrimp tanks, Not import, grown underwater.
Origin – Asia
Difficulty- Easy
Growth- Medium
Light demands- 0.50 Watt/l
No CO2 required for healthy growth

Vesicularia ferriei -Weeping, commonly know as Weeping Moss, is believed to originate from China and has been distributed by Oriental Aquarium Plants.
Weeping is fleshy, 1-3 cm hanging moss with teardrop-like bright green shoots. It is best attached to driftwood or roots, as drooping growth pattern helps to create depth and contrast in the aquarium.
weeping has low demands, is fast growing and should be pruned frequently with scissors to maintain an attractive shape.

The Moss will be packed in plastic bag.
All mosses are shrimp safe and petsnail free


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