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SL Aqua More Nitroactive for Bee Shrimp

SL Aqua More Nitroactive for Bee Shrimp

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SL Aqua More Nitroactive For Bee Shrimp

Quick establishes safe aquarium biofilter.


Highly concentrated Nitroactive is specially developed for bee shrimps. Unique bacteria dormancy technique can bring beneficial bacteria into full play. Nitroactive can efficiently establish nitrogen cycle system of microbes to achieve ecological balance, make water limpid, restrain growth of hair algae and other harmful algae. Apply to all kinds of bee shrimps environments.


New tank setup: 100 liters of water add 200mL.

Regular maintenance: Add 1 mL per 10 liters of water.


Bacteria will generate moldy film (velum) on substrate when new tank setup. This is normal phenomenon.


Made in Taiwan


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