SL-Aqua M.O.R.E White – Premium Mineral-Rich Supplementary Food for Shrimp

White – Rich Minerals

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SL-Aqua M.O.R.E White – Premium Mineral-Rich Supplementary Food for Shrimp


Elevate your shrimp-keeping experience with SL-Aqua M.O.R.E White, a premium supplementary food meticulously crafted to enhance the health, coloration, and overall vitality of your shrimp. Discover the difference of a high-quality diet that maintains its shape, providing essential minerals and trace elements for optimal growth and vibrant shell development.

Key Features:

  1. Shape Retention Excellence: Witness the exceptional quality of M.O.R.E White as it maintains its shape, preventing unwanted dispersion across your substrate. This characteristic is paramount in high-quality foods, ensuring a clean and controlled feeding environment.
  2. Mineral and Trace Element Enrichment: Specially formulated to provide a steady supply of essential minerals and trace elements, M.O.R.E White supports healthy growth and robust shell development in shrimp. Prevent molting issues by offering a balanced and nutrient-rich diet.
  3. Color Enhancement: M.O.R.E White goes beyond basic nutrition, influencing the coloration of Crystal and Taiwan Bee shrimp, especially enhancing white banding. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your shrimp with this meticulously crafted formula.
  4. Tank-Friendly Characteristics:
    • Easily sinks to the tank bottom, allowing all shrimp to access the nutritional goodness.
    • High nutritional ingredients with a well-balanced formula to meet the dietary needs of your shrimp.
    • Enhanced disease resistance promotes higher shrimp survival rates.
    • Accelerates growth rate for healthier, more vibrant shrimp.
  5. Natural and GMO-Free Composition: Crafted with care, M.O.R.E White is composed of natural ingredients without any chemical additives. The formula includes Shrimp Wholemeal, Wheat Protein, Calcium Carbonate, Chitin, Calcium Lactate, Fish, Shrimp, Fish Oil, Scallops, Cuttlefish, Yeast, Chlorella, Minerals, and Vitamins. Rest easy knowing it’s 100% GMO-free.

Invest in the well-being of your shrimp with SL-Aqua M.O.R.E White, the pinnacle of shrimp nutrition. Ensure success in your shrimp-keeping journey by choosing the highest quality food for your cherished aquatic companions.

  • 1. Feed 2-3 times each day and as much as the shrimps can finish within 1-2 hours.
  • 2. Amount of food can be increase when you have more shrimps.
  • 3. It is not recommended to keep the food in a refrigerated and damp area. Please keep the food in a dry area.
  • Volume: 

Contain natural nutritional value, with necessary minerals, vitamins and trace elements for shrimps grow, and will not pollute the water.The promotion of growth and color with good results


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