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Sl Aqua More Feed Meat


Sl Aqua More Feed Meat

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Meat – Rich Animal Protein

SL-Aqua M.O.R.E. Meat for Shrimps – Premium Aquarium Food for Freshwater and Marine Shrimp

Description: Elevate the health and vitality of your freshwater and marine shrimp with SL-Aqua M.O.R.E. Meat, a premium aquarium food crafted from high-quality natural sources of nutrition. Specifically designed to promote healthy growth, enhance breeding, and improve overall vitality, this formula is packed with essential nutrients and minerals for strong shell development, vibrant colors, and optimal health.

Key Features:

  1. Specialized Formula: M.O.R.E. Meat is formulated to support healthy growth, breeding, and overall vitality of your shrimp.
  2. Nutrient-Rich: Packed with essential nutrients and minerals for strong shell development and vibrant colors.
  3. Easy to Use: Simply sprinkle a small amount into your aquarium water for immediate feeding. The small size ensures easy digestion for delicate shrimp digestive systems.
  4. Versatile Use: Ideal as a daily food source for shrimp, providing a complete and balanced diet. Can also supplement the diet of other aquarium animals for additional essential nutrients.

Make SL-Aqua M.O.R.E. Meat an essential part of your aquarium routine to ensure optimal health and vibrant growth for your shrimp.

1. Feed 2-3 times each day and as much as the shrimps can finish within 1-2 hours.

2. Amount of food can be increase when you have more shrimps.

3. It is not recommended to keep the food in a refrigerated and damp area. Please keep the food in a dry area.


Contains a variety of nutrients for shrimp growth.
Not easy to dissolve, will not pollute the water.
Provide to shrimps a complete protein and amino acid nutrition to promote shrimp growth, color and breeding.


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