SL Aqua More Aquavital for Shrimp

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SL Aqua More Aquavital for Shrimp

Provides nutrition during breeding.
Maintain energy and immune system.


Vitamin can be absorbed directly via mouth and gill. As nutrient in water, it can improve growth and survival rate, and make shell thicker and bright. Vitamin can also provide abundant nutrition during breeding, which can raise survival rate of shrimplets. MORE AQUAVITAL contains multiple water-soluble vitamin and lipid-soluble vitamin. It’s applicable to both freshwater and marine shrimps. Applicable to: Crystal Shrimp, Neocaridina, Sulawesi Shrimps, Crayfish.


Shake well before use.

1. New Tank / Aftercare: Add 20 mL per 100 liters of water.

2. Regular Maintenance: Add 10 mL per 100 liters of water.


Made in Taiwan


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