SL Aqua Milione Bacteria Powder

SL Aqua Milione Bacteria Powder

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SL-Aqua Milione – Advanced Biological Supplement for Planted/Shrimp Tanks – 50g

Bullet Points:

  • Developed for new planted/shrimp tanks, enhancing substrate environment for plant roots.
  • Similar to ADA Bacter 100 but even better!
  • Contains hyphomycetes and heat-resistant yeast implanted to diatomite.
  • Each gram houses 5 million bacteria, building a robust biological ecosystem.
  • Reduces nitrites and shortens setup time for new tanks.
  • Regular use decomposes organic waste, reduces odors, and resists algae growth.
  • Enhances root growth and nutrient absorption for aquarium plants.
  • Boosts digestion efficiency, immunity, shell color, and shrimplet growth for shrimp.

Description: Introducing SL-Aqua Milione, the advanced biological supplement designed for enthusiasts setting up new planted or shrimp tanks. This innovative formula significantly improves the substrate environment for plant roots, providing optimal conditions for growth.

Similar to ADA Bacter 100 but with enhanced features, SL-Aqua Milione contains hyphomycetes and heat-resistant yeast implanted to diatomite using our unique technology. With an impressive 5 million bacteria per gram, this supplement establishes a thriving biological ecosystem in your tank, reducing nitrites and accelerating the setup time for new aquariums.

Regular use of SL-Aqua Milione goes beyond setup benefits. It actively decomposes organic waste, minimizes odors, and resists algae growth and eutrophication. For aquarium plants, it promotes enhanced root growth and efficient nutrient absorption.

The advantages extend to shrimp as well. SL-Aqua Milione increases digestion efficiency, boosts immunity, enhances shell color, and promotes healthy shrimplet growth. Elevate your aquarium experience with SL-Aqua Milione, the key to a flourishing and balanced aquatic environment.

  1. When set up new tank:
    Sprinkle Milione evenly over soil.


  1. Regular maintenance:
    Add 1 spoon per liter of water (old water).


  1. Remove odor smell:
    Double the dosages, odor smell will be removed in 7-15 days.


Specification: 70g,


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