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SL-Aqua Magic Powder – Boosts Good Bacteria, Enzymes, and Microorganisms for Shrimp – Aquarium Biofilm and Water Quality Enhancer


  • Promotes the addition and growth of good bacteria, enzymes, and microorganisms.
  • Creates a biofilm in the aquarium, serving as long-term food for young and adult shrimp.
  • Enhances bacterial balance for optimum water quality and rapid waste conversion.
  • Ideal for starting a new aquarium, ensuring a quick bacterial balance and thick biofilm growth.
  • High content of filter bacteria for optimal waste conversion and natural balance maintenance.
  • Dosage: Sprinkle over the aquarium bottom during setup and add a pinch per 50 liters twice a week for maintenance.

Description: Experience the wonders of SL-Aqua Magic Powder, a powerhouse blend that ensures the addition and growth of essential good bacteria, enzymes, and microorganisms in your aquarium. This magical powder creates a biofilm, a natural buffet for both young and adult shrimp, ensuring they always have enough to eat and boosting their survival rate.

Perfect for starting a new aquarium, SL-Aqua Magic Powder accelerates the establishment of bacterial balance, promoting optimum water quality and rapid waste conversion. The result? A thriving environment for your shrimp from day one.

The magic doesn’t stop there—SL-Aqua Magic Powder also contains a high content of filter bacteria, ensuring optimal waste conversion and maintaining the natural balance in your aquarium. These bacteria contribute to a quick start and sustain the bacteria level in both the filter and bottom.


  • Starting a New Aquarium: Sprinkle a little powder over the bottom before adding water. Use a small amount evenly over the water surface.
  • Maintenance: Add a pinch of powder per 50 liters of water twice a week to support the biofilm and bacterial balance.

Elevate your shrimp-keeping experience with SL-Aqua Magic Powder, your key to a thriving and balanced aquarium ecosystem.

Specification: 40g


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