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Blue Wizard General Usage

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SL-Aqua GH Conditioner for Sulawesi Shrimp: Boost Water Hardness Safely! 🦐🌿


Elevate the health and vibrancy of your Sulawesi shrimp and fish with SL-Aqua GH Conditioner. Specially formulated to increase General Hardness (GH) in aquariums with a neutral to alkaline pH, this conditioner offers a safe and effective solution for creating an optimal environment.

Key Features:

  1. Targeted GH Increase: Designed for aquariums with Sulawesi shrimp and fish, SL-Aqua GH Conditioner raises GH without affecting Carbonate Hardness (kH) and pH. Maintain the balance your aquatic pets need for thriving health.
  2. Essential Minerals: Packed with vital minerals, including calcium and magnesium, beneficial for Sulawesi shrimp, Arowana, African Cichlids, Guppys, Goldfish, and more. Enhance moulting for shrimp, boosting survival rates and fostering healthy growth in young shrimps.
  3. Natural Color Enhancement: The added essential minerals stimulate natural color pigments in shrimp and fish, enhancing overall color coverage in a way that mimics their natural beauty.
  4. Plant Nutrients: SL-Aqua GH Conditioner supports aquarium plants by providing essential minerals, promoting sturdy plant growth. A balanced aquatic environment is achieved, aiding in the absorption of waste products from the water.


  • Add 1 milliliter to 10 liters of soft water, osmosis water, or rainwater to increase GH by 1 point.
  • 1 pump is approximately 2 milliliters.
  • Mix outside the aquarium before adding to ensure even distribution.

Achieve the perfect water conditions for Sulawesi shrimp and fish with SL-Aqua GH Conditioner. Order now for a vibrant and thriving aquatic ecosystem! 🌊🌈

Note: Results may vary, and regular monitoring of water parameters is recommended for optimal adjustments.

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