SL Aqua Black Beard Algae Remover

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Black Beard Algae Remover

Helps to get rid of BBA.


This product is a fresh water black beard algae remover that can help to get rid of filamentous algae, brown algae, blue algae and black beard algae. Our special formula can slow down the metabolism of algae and eradicate the spores. It will not cause damage to the plants and fish by following the dosage.

  • 1. 2 drops for every 25 L of water, once a day for 2 weeks consecutively.
  • 2. The algae should turn whitish during treatment, change 30% of the water every 7 days.
  • 3. When finished the 2 weeks treatment, add the recommended dosage once a week as a precaution.
  • 4. Please remove the bryophytes and shrimps before the treatment.
  • Volume: 20mL


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