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AQUARIUM ALGAE REMOVER Z2 – Fast-Acting, Plant-Based Algae Control, Safe for Fish & Shrimp – 10g

  1. Quick Algae Elimination: AQUARIUM ALGAE REMOVER Z2 is expertly formulated to clean a majority of algae types swiftly and efficiently, ensuring your aquarium remains pristine without disturbing the delicate ecosystem.
  2. Safe and Natural Ingredients: Made from natural plant extracts, Z2 is designed to be harmless to fish, shrimp, and live plants in your aquarium, maintaining the health and balance of your aquatic environment.
  3. Preserves Water Quality: Our algae remover does not impact water quality or the crucial nitrifying system in your tank, making it a worry-free solution for maintaining clear, healthy water.
  4. Easy to Use with Clear Dosage Instructions: Simply add 2 flat spoons per 50L of water, with no water change needed during the week-long treatment cycle. Z2’s user-friendly approach makes aquarium maintenance hassle-free.
  5. Oxygen Consumption Awareness: While treating your tank, the product will consume oxygen, so we recommend increasing air input during use. Note: Z2 may affect certain plant types; use cautiously and discontinue if abnormalities occur.

Product Description:
The AQUARIUM ALGAE REMOVER Z2 is a revolutionary solution designed for aquarium enthusiasts seeking a quick and safe way to tackle algae problems. Its plant-based formula swiftly removes most types of algae, ensuring your aquatic life thrives in a clean and healthy environment. With Z2, you can enjoy a clear, algae-free aquarium without compromising the health of your fish, shrimp, or plants. Its easy dosage and application process make it ideal for both beginners and experienced aquarists.
Plus, with its focus on safety and maintaining water quality, Z2 is the go-to choice for responsible and effective algae control.
Packaged in a convenient 10g size, it’s perfect for routine maintenance or urgent algae issues.
Choose AQUARIUM ALGAE REMOVER Z2 for a beautiful, balanced, and healthy aquarium.


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