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Lubao Balls

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Lubao Balls

Lubao is carefully crafted to contribute to optimum conditions, nutrition and health of your shrimp. Lubao does not contain bacteria ingredients. Instead it contains ingredients that turbocharges natural fermentation. It boosts the natural beneficial bacteria of your tank. Lubao can be used to create a large amount of biofilm that shrimp can feed on.

We recommend soaking the lubao in RO water for 2-3 days, changing the water daily to release excess tannins and allow biofilm to start growing on the ball. Do not rinse the ball after soaking. Just drop in in your tank. Do not be alarmed when the ball becomes fuzzy white as this is the biofilm growing on the ball. Please be aware that due to the fermentation process creating biofilm, there will be a strong odour from the lubao. As with all foods and additives, it is recommended that you monitor your water parameters and maintain water changes. Each lubao ball will last up to 30 days in your tank. After biofilm is consumed, the lubao ball continues to be a source of beneficial anaerobic bacteria. It develops an unpleasant odour over time and near end of use develops gas inside and may start to float. That is the result of fermentation, which is expected. We don’t recommend taking it out of the water to smell it. If you take it out and put it back in, it may affect the ball’s functioning.

Use one Lubao ball for 20+ shrimp (1cm+)

1 x 11g / ball

Made in Taiwan

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