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Poret®Sponge filter foam sheet 50x50x10cm

Poret®Sponge filter foam sheet 50x50x10cm

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High Premium German Quality Polyether Poret® foam sheet

500mmX 500mm 
Thickness 10cm

These polyether filter foams are fully resistant to water. They are available in all common colours and pore sizes.

Highly active bacteria cultures are required for efficient cleaning of water in aquariums and fish ponds. To provide effective biodegradation, the different cultures used must be provided an optimum living environment. Our fishkeeping and aquafarm filters set new standards in physical filtration and biological degradation. Made from specialty polyether foam materials with enormous internal surface area. They ensure an optimum living environment for bacteria. Due to their special design, they harbour much higher populations of degradation-active cultures than do other filter materials.

The amount of surface area the filter creates makes a great feeding surface for shrimp and fish. Microorganisms on the sponges surface making it an ideal place for shrimp and fish to find natural food.

Great for Hamburg matten filters
-3 to 5 times the Surface Area of Typical Sponge Filter
-Creates the ideal Water Circulation for a Shrimp,fish Tank
-Small PPI Prevents Shrimp from Getting Stuck in the Foam
-Offer bacteria a high surface area for colonisation.

They are suitable for internal, external filters and even sumps too. Freshwater or marine.


45 PPI, 30 PPI


Black, Blue


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