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Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia catappa) 4-6″ Medium

Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia catappa) 4-6″ Medium

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Catappa Leaves Premium Grade

Catappa leaves 4-6″ Medium

Indian almond leaves, also known as Catappa leaves(Terminalia catappa)

Benefits of Catappa

Adding an Indian Almond leaf to the tank of a stressed fish/shrimp can help them fight off infections and prevent them altogether.

Stimulate reproduction rate of aquarium animal.

Reduces PH

Creates a natural water environment for tropical shrimp and fish

Enhances the natural colour

Aids the shedding process for shrimp, greatly reducing mortality rate during this stage

Contains acids and tannins

These leaves have both antibacterial and antifungal properties for shrimp and are able to treat a wide variety of low-grade infections.

Stimulates breeding

Relieves stress


 After putting the leave into the tank, it will gradually release substances benefits to fish and shrimps. The water will turn yellowish and eventually light brown. The leave will sink to the bottom of the tank within 24-48 hours and will be soften after a few days, which will also be nutritious organic food for fish and shrimps.

The leave need to be replaced every 7-14 days.

Size Medium (Leave size : 4-6” ) suits to large size fish tank. Recommend using 1-2 leave per 50 liters of water.


10x leaves, 20 x leaves, 50 x leaves


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