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Mobile Hamburg Matten Biological Sponge Filter Blue 10X10X23cm

Mobile Hamburg Matten Biological Sponge Filter Blue 10X10X23cm

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Mobile Hamburg Matten Biological Sponge Filter 



Matten Filters are the best filtration for freshwater shrimp/fish  keeping and Fish breeding. The amount of surface area the filter creates makes a great feeding surface for shrimp/fish and baby shrimp. Microorganisms thrive on the sponges surface making it an ideal place for shrimp to find natural food. 

Key Features:

Creates the ideal Water Circulation for a Shrimp/fishTank

Huge Surface Area for Beneficial Bacteria to grow

Inexpensive Running Cost

Low , long Maintenance 

Perfect for Larger Breeding Projects

Small PPI Prevents Shrimp from Getting Stuck in the Foam

2 to 4 times the Surface Area of Typical Sponge Filters

filter outlet on water level height adjustable to max 33 cm

Item Specification:

Foam Type: Poret ® German made  quality polyether spon

Size:10 x 10 cm 22 cm hight foam base plus base plate 1cm  (23cm)

The base plate is made from polished glass

Flow rate: 190l/h

They are avaliable in 2 different pore densities PPI 45(shrimp baby safe) and PPI 30 and 2 different color (Blue,black)

More Information:

 The Hamburg Biological filter is extremely silent and very powerfull filtration system.It is a durable foam that is completely shrimp and fish safe. Recently, we began experimenting with Matten filters in our shrimp breeding tanks. After just a few short months, we saw a huge change in the health of our shrimp and the behavior. 

The Matten filter provides a whole wall of filtration. The surface area ( 920 cm2 )is usually 2 to 4 times as large as a standard sponge filter. This is great for colonizing bacteria, reducing risk of clogs and it provides a surface where baby shrimp can scavenge. The filter will be littered with biofilm and micro organisms that are essential to the survival of baby shrimp.

The air lift is premium quality (Czech design) made from 16 mm, 16 bar rated WRASS approved (suittable for portable water) PVC U pipe.

The flow created by the lift tubes on the Matten filter provide the ideal amount of flow for a freshwater shrimp tank. It creates an ideal current that flows from top to bottom. By having the bottom of the lift tube close to the bottom of the tank, it is essential moving water from the bottom of the tank to the top of the tank. This creates great circulation throughout the whole tank.

Min air pump requirement 100-150 l/h

No air stones required

Connection for 4/6 mm air hose(not included)

Custom sizes avaliable, ask for quote


PPI 30, PPI 45


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