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GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil Powder 4 L

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GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil Powder 4 L

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Glasgarten Environment Aquarium Soil Powder 4 L

GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil Powder is an active substrate made of different fired and sterilized earths especially developed for the use in aquaria. It lowers and stabilizes the pH naturally (to 5.5 – 6.5, depending on the water) as well as the hardness of the water, and creates optimal conditions for shrimp and plants that need soft water.

This substrate has the properties to make the water crystal clear. It is rich in natural nutrients for beautiful plant growth and lush green moss. The fulvic acid it contains improves the environment for plants, animals and microorganisms from day one.

Environment Aquarium Soil Powder is one of the Garnelenhaus products we offer under our own brand name GlasGarten. We were in Japan several times to find the best soil substrate, and we were able to find a soil manufacturer with years of experience as business partner, and he produces this supreme-quality Aqua Soil to our specifications. Environment Aquarium Soil Powder lives up to our expectations, and, even more importantly, those of our customers, too. It is highly popular with breeders and keepers of dwarf shrimp and ornamental fish as well as with aquascapers and aquatic plant enthusiasts as it is easy to handle, gives a very natural look to the aquascape or the shrimp aquarium, and it creates an ideal environment for the aquatic plants and animals inside the tank. Therefore, Environment Aquarium Soil Powder is an ideal addition to the GlasGarten line, which stands for our passion for things aquatic.

Instructions for use
• Do not rinse the substrate before use
• Spread the substrate evenly, or create your layout as you wish
• Fill in water very carefully and slowly
Hint: In order to avoid stirring up the substrate when filling up the tank you can use a saucer, for example, to break the water stream.

Additional information
• GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil Powder Type is not suitable for the use with under gravel filters, as its grain size is too small.
• Not suitable for keeping bottom-feeding fish that like to rummage around in the substrate (as this may cloud the water on a permanent basis).
• Not suitable for fish, shrimp or plants that need a high pH value.
• A slight turbidity is possible after setting up the tank and filling in water, but this will go away after a short time when the filter works, and the water will be crystal-clear.
• Keep the bag closed in order to prevent the substrate from drying out.

Recommended substrate height
at least 4 cm

Content: 4 liters
Color: black-brown
Grain: 1 – 2 mm

Made in Japan


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