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Envobee Shrimp Air Pump 10W 16L/min

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Envobee Shrimp Air Pump 10W 16L/min

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Envobee Shrimp Large Adjustable air pump

Double Air Outlet Pump 2x 8L/min.  ABS High-density, environmentally-friendly plastic using sealing ring. Reduce the vibration and noise generated by the machine.

Magnetic suspension technique – Nondestructive work can be achieved. Low  noise and longer service life.

This Air Pump comes With adjustment control knob, the air flow can be adjusted according to your own preferences, up to 960L/Hour up to 2000l. 

The air is used to vibrate the air bubbles to increase the area of the water contact with the air.

Shock-absorbing Silica column Does not resonate with the casing when working.

35db noise level.  Pressure  : 0.03 Mpa


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