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Benibachi Shrimp Fulvic Grain 50g

Benibachi Shrimp Fulvic Grain 50g

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Benibachi Shrimp fulvic grain


Benibachi Shrimp Fulvic Grain is a premium shrimp  supplement that is formulated with fulvic acid, which helps to promote healthy digestion and immune system function in shrimp. The high-quality ingredients in this food are specially selected to meet the nutritional needs of shrimp, and are designed to provide a balanced diet that will support the growth and vitality of your shrimp.

The fulvic acid in Benibachi Shrimp Fulvic Grain helps to improve the absorption of nutrients in shrimp, and also helps to regulate their metabolism. This can help to reduce stress and improve overall health and vitality. In addition, this food contains a range of other beneficial ingredients, including amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, that will help to support the health and wellbeing of your shrimp. The supplement has an activity of about 6 months, it varies depending on the method of use.

lowers the pH of the water, reaching 6 pH
Lowers water hardness GH and KH

Benibachi Shrimp Fulvic Grain is easy to use and can be added directly to your aquarium. It is ideal for all types of shrimp, including neocaridina and caridina shrimp, and can be used as a primary food source or as a supplement to other foods. Give your shrimp the best possible nutrition with Benibachi Shrimp Fulvic Grain.


Use 30g for a 60cm aquarium. Lasts up to six months

Improvement of GH,KH,PH parameters regularly every few months in order to stabilize water conditions beloved by shrimps. FULVIC GRAIN should be spread on Soil. Initially use 30g / 60l, then every 2-3 months use the amount adjusted using tests.




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