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Benibachi Shrimp Emergency Liquid 100ml

Benibachi Shrimp Emergency Liquid 100ml

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Benibachi Shrimp Emergency Liquid

Benibachi Shrimp Emergency Liquid is a product designed to help shrimp in emergency situations. It contains minerals, trace elements, and vitamins that can help improve shrimp health and boost their immune systems.

Used in difficult situations such as shrimps, they carry eggs but there are no young, shrimps reproduce normally and stop suddenly, shrimp moult is slow or difficult, things that are difficult to explain happen in the shrimp. It is recommended to use together with BEE MAX  for comprehensive protection, building high immunity and beneficial bacterial colonies.

helps to reduce the time between moulting

mineralizes water improving the standard of living of shrimps

immediately improves the moulting process


Use once a week or as needed.
5ml of the preparation for every 10 l of water.
Shake well before use.
Comfortable dosing pump included.
One pump push is 1ml.



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