Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious 30g

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Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious


Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious is a premium quality dietary supplement for aquarium shrimp designed to enhance their growth and coloration. The natural ingredients in Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious, including spirulina Kale, and krill, provide optimal nutrition and support for shrimp during their growth and development stages.

The supplement is particularly recommended for species such as Red Bee Shrimp and other Caridina shrimp, where bright red coloration and optimal growth are highly desirable. With regular use, Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious can help improve the growth rate and color intensity of your shrimp, while also promoting their overall health and vitality.

The supplement is made with high-quality ingredients and does not contain any harmful chemicals or additives that could be harmful to shrimp or other aquatic life.

To use Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious, simply follow the instructions on the package to determine the appropriate dosage for your aquarium size and shrimp population. The supplement can be added to your shrimp’s regular diet or directly to the aquarium water for optimal results.

In summary, Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious is a powerful and safe dietary supplement that can help your shrimp achieve their optimal growth and coloration, while promoting their overall health and well-being. With regular use, this supplement can help you maintain a vibrant and healthy aquarium shrimp population.

Feed 2-3 times each day and as much as the shrimps can finish within 1-2 hours.


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