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Aquarium USB C Battery Air Pump (2w/white)


Aquarium USB C Battery Air Pump (2w/white)

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Aquarium Air Pump Oxygen Waterproof USB C Battery Fish Shrimp Pond Tank

Battery operated fish tank mini pump with complete accessories

Key Features:

🌀 Long-lasting Oxygen Supply: Enjoy a constant and reliable oxygen supplement for your fish and aquatic life with this robust aerator designed for extended use.


🎁 Complete Accessories: Unbox the ultimate package with a USB C cable, air stone, check valves, and a 1m silicone airline tubing. Everything you need to keep the air flowing in your aquarium!


⚡ Highly Efficient & Ultra Quiet: Experience energy-saving performance with this battery-operated, USB rechargeable air pump. It maintains high efficiency while operating quietly in the background.


🌦️ Indoor and Outdoor Ready: Thanks to its IPX6 waterproof rating, you can use this pump both indoors and outdoors, adding versatility to your aquarium setup.


⚙️ Adjustable Air Control: Fine-tune the air volume to suit your tank’s needs with a simple touch. It’s never been easier to create the perfect environment for your aquatic friends.


Technical Specifications:


🌀 Steady Output: Maximum airflow rate of 2 L/min ensures a consistent oxygen supply.

🔌 Power: 2 W for efficient operation.

🔊 Noise Level: Whisper-quiet at only 35dB, ensuring a peaceful underwater atmosphere.

📏 USB Cable Length: 85 cm for flexible placement.

Battery 1800mAh

Upgrade your aquatic experience with the power of our Aquarium Air Pump Oxygen Waterproof USB C Battery Fish Shrimp Pond Tank. Your fish will thank you for the enriched environment!


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