Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

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Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner Kit Pump Siphon Water Clean Vacuum Aquarium Cleaning

4 in 1 Multi-functional fish tank cleaner. This aquarium siphon cleaning tool can be used for water changes, sand washing, dirt suction and algae scrubber glass cleaner.

This aquarium gravel cleaner equipped with a handle for more comfortable grip and a larger air-pressing trigger below to easily create siphon as well as save your energy. There is a clamp what you can place to on the fish tank wall instead of holding it all the time.

Included glass scraper -algae remover to clean the fish tank

Product 92 cm

How to use


The fish tank water changer is easy to operate. When in use, hold the handle and manually press it down. The water will automatically be sucked into the hard tube and flow out through the hose to quickly clean the fish tank. 


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