Aquarium Drip Acclimation set Acclimatisation Shrimp fish corals 2m

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Aquarium Drip Acclimation set  Acclimatisation Shrimp fish corals 2m

Adjustable drip acclimation system for new aquarium arrivals.

Gradually equalizes water parameters to minimize stress and shock.

 Ideal for the acclimation of sensitive fish, shrimps or corals.



2m flexible airline tube 1 x flow control valve  1 x suction cup


– Float the bag containing the new livestock in the tank or sump (this is to equalise the temperature to that of the tank, 15-20 minutes is usually long enough).

– Place a suitable container onto a surface (table, floor etc.) Then put the livestock from the bag into the container. *the container must be lower than the tank.

– Put one end of the tubing into the tank. Secure with suction cup supplied.

– Put the other end of the tubing into the container and begin the siphon (the siphon can be started by either sucking on the end of the tube or by using a syringe).

– Adjust the flow rate to about 1-2 drips per second using the flow control valve supplied.

– Allow the water in the container to double in volume and then discard half of this water so that you end up with the original volume. *DO NOT PUT THIS WATER INTO THE TANK.

– Continue this method for approximately 1-2 hours.

-When acclimation is completed, remove the livestock from the container by netting them and introduce them to the tank. To minimise stress, tank lights should be turned off. Discard the excess water in the container.


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