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Aqualex Mironekuton Mineral Stone

Aqualex Mironekuton Mineral Stone

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Minerals from deep ocean

This product is made from deep ocean minerals, which can remove impurities and peculiar smell from the water for very long time.
It also provides essential minerals and trace elements to shrimp, fish and nitrobacteria. It is highly effective in enhancing shrimp color, increasing survival rate and stabilizing the water.

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Volume: 200g


It is normal for the mironekuton block to disintegrate when it is placed in water. As it is a natural clay collected from the sea.

To prevent the block from dissolving too fast, here is few tips users can do.

1.Spray the block with water or soak in the shallow water for few hours to reduce the impact on the bonding of particles. When the water is absorbed thoroughly, the block/clay can be placed in the tank. By doing this, the disintegration can be slowed down.

2.Do not break the block into tiny pieces. Excessive collision may have certain impact on the bonding of clay.



*mironekuton clay is the accumulation of marine sediments. The natural clay is collected from the sea, dehydrated and is sold with original state without adding additives.

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