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AQQA Biochemical Sponge filter Medium

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AQQA Biochemical Sponge filter Medium

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AQQA Biochemical Sponge filter Quiet Bio Ceramic Media Balls Fish Shrimp Tank
This sponge aquarium filter integrates biochemical filtration, physical filtration and oxygenation, which can help you maintain the health of the water quality in your fish tank, and the air bubbles can also make the landscape of the fish tank more vivid and interesting.
Package Includes
 1X Biochemical sponge filter with media container, 1x Sponge Replacement, 1x 1 Bag of bio ceramic media balls, 1x User manual. (The filter container can be filled with ceramic filter balls or other filter media which can meet your needs.)
 Size S: Recommended for fish tanks below 15.75 inches in height.   Size 6.3″x3.54×3.54
Size M: Recommended for fish tanks below 23.62 inches in height.    Size 3.94″x2.36″x2.36
It is suitable for freshwater tanks and salt water tanks, suitable for all kinds of ornamental fish breeding, betta, tropical fish, planted tanks or shrimp tanks, etc.
Do not use tap water or hot water to clean the biochemical sponge filter, please clean it directly with the water in the aquarium.


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