AQQA 5 in 1 Aquarium Multifunctional Internal Filter

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AQQA internal submersible multifunctional Filter
Function 1-Automatic collection of fish waste
Function 2-Wavemaker,can adjustable outlet waves
Function 3-Dissolved Oxygen, can adjustable air volume
Function 4-Fish tank quick water change tool
Function 5-Purified water filter through biochemical cotton
Wavemaker Function, can adjustable outlet waves
The filtered water flows out in powerful waves
1. Water outlet can be adjust different directions, adjust the direction of waves

In order that the water outlet does not move in the water, the water outlet is tightly stuck and cannot be rotated directly. If you need to adjust the water outlet, please pull out the water outlet and insert it in the required direction.
2. The size of the waves can also be adjusted by adjusting the air volume switch.
Clockwise rotation of the air pipe regulating valve can reduce the amount of water, rotate counterclockwise to increase the amount of water
This wave-making function is included. Power is not as strong as a wave-making pump. If you need a powerful wave-making function, please choose a wave-making pump.
Clean fish waste
The strong suction of the water pump sucks the fish stool and sediment at the bottom of the fish tank into the filter, and settles into the container through the rotating small fan blades. Daily collection of fish feces, very convenient for cleaning. It is recommended to be placed near the bottom of the fish tank.
3 Suction Cups
With 3 powerful suction cups, which can be fixed on the glass, and the suction cups can be detached
The filtered water flows out in the form of waves, which can slightly improve the water circulation in the fish tank.
The poop in the fish tank can be separated from the water by rotating fan blades, and the fish poop will be deposited in the container. The water will be filtered through biochemical cotton. The filter cotton is recommended to be cleaned every 3-5 days.
Power: 8W
Flow rate : 200L


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