Air Stone Bubble Disc Oxygen Aerator for Pond Aquarium Fish Shrimp Tank Pump 10cm

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Air Stone Bubble Disc Oxygen Aerator for Pond Aquarium Fish Shrimp Tank Pump 10cm

Product Description:


Enhance the oxygen levels in your aquarium or pond with our Air Aquarium Bubble Stone Round Disk. This versatile oxygen diffuser is designed to provide your aquatic pets with the oxygen they need for a healthier and happier environment.


Key Features:


Efficient Oxygenation: Our oxygenating stone tray is highly effective at oxygenating the water, ensuring your fish and shrimp thrive in oxygen-rich conditions.


High Dissolved Oxygen Rate: Experience a high dissolved oxygen rate that benefits your aquatic ecosystem. This oxygen booster promotes the overall well-being of your aquatic life.


Large Output Dense Bubbles: The round disk design generates large, dense bubbles that maximize the contact between gas and water. This results in superior dissolved oxygen levels for your aquatic creatures.


Special Freestone Construction: Crafted from various types of freestone with low pressure and dense bubble properties, this air stone ensures long-lasting and efficient performance.


Durable and Heat-Resistant: Our oxygen diffuser can withstand temperatures up to 1400 degrees Celsius, making it incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear.


Multiple Size Options: Choose from various size options to suit different fish tanks or pond sizes. Ensure your aquatic pets receive the optimal oxygen supply they require.


Stainless Steel Elbow Interface: The sturdy rust-proof 90-degree bend stainless steel elbow interface ensures a secure and reliable connection to your air pump.


Easy Installation: With a thickness of 1.7 cm and a diameter of 10 cm, this air stone is easy to connect to your air pump using the 4mm pipe, and the resin glue surround provides waterproofing and increased durability.


Maintenance Instructions:


To maintain optimal performance, we recommend cleaning the air tray every 1-2 months. Simply soak the air tray in water for approximately 60 minutes, and then use a brush to gently remove any surface stains from the air disc. Please note that the output efficiency may vary based on the size of your oxygen pump, the output setting, and the water depth. If you notice issues with oxygenation, it may indicate that the air pump volume is insufficient.


Enhance the well-being of your aquatic pets by providing them with the oxygen they need. Invest in our Air Aquarium Bubble Stone Round Disk today and watch your fish and shrimp flourish in an oxygen-rich environment!

Ideal fish tank: 100-200 litre
1x air stone disc


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