Air Driven Bio Sponge Filter Medium


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Biochemical Sponge filter Medium
Increase oxygen, fully dissolved oxygen pump into the fish tank to improve fish survival.
Suitable for all kinds of Ornamental fish Shrimp breeding, young fish to develop, especially for the Discus fish, small fish, fry effect is remarkable.
A suitable air pump with air line must be used to run these filters(not supplied, but are available separately in our store)
Highly porous 40ppi sponge, protect baby fish from being sucked into the filter system, vertical cut-cylinder sponges, where provides lots of surface area for growth and breeding of beneficial tiny creatures, enhances bio filtration, good water flow, traps floating debris and fine particles, keep your fish tank crystal clear and clean, closer to the natural water quality
Package Include:
1x Sponge filter


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