Natural Mulberry leaves

10-20 x mulberry leaves

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Mulberry leaves

Hand picked Natural food for all Dwarf Shrimp and snails.
Grown Without pesticides or artifical fertilizers.
Mulberry leaves supply the water tannins, falvonoids and organic acids. in addition, they are a rich source of protein and amino acids. They contain vitamins (A,B1,B2) and precious mineral (magnesium, Sodium, Potassum, Zinc, Iron)
Helps to built Shrimp Shell.
Reduces PH and provides live natural environment for freshwater aquarium tank.
Aids the molting process.
Reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal outbreaks
Provides bio-film grazing.

1-2 leaves in 30 Liters of water

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10 x, 20 x


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