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Our Range Of Natural Supplements For Shrimps

Our Range Of Natural Supplements For Shrimps

Envobee Shrimp want to be your leading suppliers of products for freshwater shrimp. We’re overflowing with products for the keeping and breeding of shrimps.

Whether you’re looking to build your dream aquarium or need a regular supplier of food, you’ll find what you’re looking for on our website.

Our products include a wide choice of natural supplements designed for shrimps, including Aqualex GH Builder which we have for only £12.99. This supplement contains essential minerals which are important for shell growth, strong pigmentation and improving the survival rates of your shrimp.

This is just one of the many products we have from this brand, which also includes Aqualex Multivitamins which can strengthen your shrimps’ immune systems. Ideal for the survival rates of berried shrimps, this natural supplement can prevent diseases and enhance the colour of the shell. 

Natural supplements are a great way to keep your shrimps healthy and thriving. Nutritionally rich and packed with minerals, they can help them remain at peak levels of health.

Envobee Shrimp also have a wide range of Tantora Catappa Leaves which can help mimic the natural habitat of fish and shrimp. These leaves offer many benefits and are a great way to prevent bacteria and diseases. Also brilliant for tropical fish, they can also stimulate the reproduction rate and aid the shedding process for shrimp.

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