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Do you keep freshwater shrimps and need a supply of nutritional food?

Fresh water shrimp are not only colourful but play a useful role in an aquarium thanks to being excellent scavengers; it means they’re good at keeping your water clean and of the finest quality.

However, there are a wide variety of shrimps available and not all of them are scavengers, but rather hunters; so it’s important to do your research. Most freshwater shrimp are extremely easy to breed, although you need to have small enough food for the larvae.

Envobee Shrimp provide a one-stop shop for quality food and accessories for freshwater shrimp.

We have a massive range of freshwater shrimp food to supply your freshwater shrimps with all the nutrients they need. Generally these types of shrimps are easy to feed, but with our nutrient-rich food you can ensure they’re always in optimal health.

Our shrimp food includes a collection of Aqualex products at great prices, including Meat Flavoured Shrimp Feed which is easily dissolved and won’t pollute the water. It provides shrimps with all the protein and amino acids needed to promote shrimp growth, colour and breeding.

Envobee Shrimp also sell actual UK bred freshwater shrimp including Blue Cherry Shrimp, Red Cherry Shrimp and Yellow Neon Golden Back Shrimp.

Why not browse our range of pet shrimp food today?

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