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Need A Filter For Shrimp Tank?

Need A Filter For Shrimp Tank?

Do you love keeping freshwater shrimps or are interested in doing so? In that case, Envobee Shrimp offer everything needed to keep them in a healthy environment.

We provide all the advice needed on keeping shrimps and the equipment required to get started.

When choosing a filter, there are various types to choose from. These include sponge filers which are highly affordable and completely safe for shrimps. They work by drawing the water through the sponges and, with their high surface area, will encourage beneficial bacteria to grow.

Perfect for larger breeding projects, foam filters are inexpensive to run and ideal for water circulation in all sorts of tanks.

Our range of products include filters to keep your water clean as possible such as the HMF Hamburg Matten Biological Sponge Filter which is ideal for fish, shrimp babies and breeding fish. Specially suited for aquatic filtering, it is available in two different pore densities. Thanks to their small PPI, the shrimps will be prevented from getting stuck in the foam.   

Extremely quiet and with a large flow, it’s ideal for anybody who wants a filer that’s very easy to clean. We also have Filter Foam Sheets which are fully resistant to water and offer efficient cleaning for aquariums and fish ponds.

If you need a filter suitable for shrimps, why not explore our range today?

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