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Looking To Order Quality Shrimp Food?

Looking To Order Quality Shrimp Food?

Envobee Shrimp have everything needed to keep freshwater shrimps in excellent condition, making us ideal for both hobbyists and breeders.

We offer straight-forward but elegant solutions for hobbyists at competitive prices. Among our range you’ll find a wide choice of shrimp food, including those from Aqualex, Benibachi and Borneo Wild. We also have a range of fish food and bacteria available to order at competitive prices.

Shrimps are natural scavengers and are constantly grazing in their natural environment. That means they’re usually easy to feed, with a wide range of ready-make food mixes on the market. But you must give them food which doesn’t pollute the water and which mixes veggies with protein, with the nutrients needed for their development. 

Among our collection is Aqualex Shrimp Food Snowflakes which provides vegetable protein and dietary fibre. This super-clean shrimp feed can be given to your shrimps 2-3 times a day and can be increased the more shrimps you have.

Another of our products is Benibachi Dry Spinach which is made from 100% organic spinach grown with minerals. Free from pesticides, this type of food can be given daily and you simply feed shrimps as much as they can eat in 2 hours.

If you’re looking to order shrimp food, why not check out our range today?

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