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Aqualex is the new Taiwan Golden brand series from SL Aqua. Same formula with higher premium quality ingredients.


Build your dream aquarium with the Premium SL Aqua products

Envobee Shrimp is now Distributor for SL AQUA and Premium AQUALEX Products in the UK. Trade Inquiries welcome. Use our Contact Us form or email

Hamburg Matten filter sets

Avaliable in defferent size/PPI and colour for shrimp/fish aquariums.

Poret Polyether foams

Poret® is available in a wide range of dimensions, colours and versions including blocks, sheet stock, cut-to-size elements

Creates the ideal Water Circulation for a Shrimp Tank

Huge Surface Area for Beneficial Bacteria to grow

Perfect for Larger Breeding Projects

Small PPI Prevents Shrimp from Getting Stuck in the Foam

HMF Mobile Biological Hamburg Matten Filter

The Hamburg Matten filtration system is the best for Shrimp/fish tank.

Matten Filters are the best filtration for freshwater shrimp/fish keeping and Fish breeding. The amount of surface area the filter creates makes a great feeding surface for shrimp/fish and baby shrimp. Microorganisms thrive on the sponges surface making it an ideal place for shrimp to find natural food.

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